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Custom CRM

One size never fits all. When an off-the-shelf program just doesn’t cut it you need a custom Customer Relationship Manager that will get the job done. Custom CRMs are necessary when a company’s sales model is complex, or doesn’t neatly fit a typical B2B sales model. If this describes you, you need a custom CRM, and there’s no one better than FTL Software at developing a Custom CRM platform from the ground up. We take the time to get to know your business and the way YOU do business and build a custom CRM that can handle all of your unique needs. And as always, when all is said and done you OWN it.

MethMob Decontamination - Custom CRM/Job Tracking System

The Problem:

MethMob Decontamination was tracking everything in their head and on a white board in their office. Things were slipping through the cracks.

How FTL solved the problem:

For $1500 FTL built them a custom CRM/job tracking system. As a fully mobile-friendly website their technicians could access it from anywhere using a phone or tablet. Everything related to the job could easily be tracked and retrieved.

Benefit to client:

Billing improved. Assigning jobs was straightforward. Management had a system they could reference rather than having to call or text for updates. Additionally it was easier to track where the job came from which helped with marketing.

Business Software

Choosing the right software to power your business is a difficult task. Do you go with an off-the-shelf product or invest in custom development? At FTL Software, we have many years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals through our deep understanding and knowledge of their challenges coupled with our ability to write software to address those challenges. Companies that seek out custom solutions often see incredible value because they get exactly what they need for specific processes rather than settling on something “good enough.”

Read about some benefits below!

At FTL Software you get:

1) A customized product that you own. Customized programs are built specifically around the needs and problems faced by individual companies – this makes it easier to identify where unique challenges exist without having to search blindly across open platforms.

2) Better partnerships with your clients: With personalized applications, users get a customized experience consistent with the way you do business.

SMS Admin - Business Software Case Study


The Problem:

Robert Lee at SMS Admin had been using text messages to market for years, but remaining compliant and tracking subscriber lists was difficult to impossible.

How FTL solved the problem:

FTL implemented software which gave him a web portal which could be used to manage the business — everything from reports to controlling the content and delivery of the text messages. On the back end we interfaced with his SMS platform to trigger the sending of messages, integrate with telecoms and remain compliant.

Benefit to client:

SMS Admin was able to send thousands of messages in a fraction of the time it had previously taken. The system was compliant. Clients were happy, and using this software SMS Admin experienced 10x growth in just a year.

Workflow Automation

Imagine if data entry didn’t have to be so tedious and time-consuming. What would your employees do with their extra time? Or rather, how much more productive would your employees become when they can focus on other tasks and let the mundane work be done with software automation.

Workflow automation is the process of automating tasks based on pre-defined business rules. This can be done with a combination between people or system where data/files are routed among human participants for certain processes like sales orders, invoices, etc., making it more efficient than traditional methods that require time consuming handoffs.

With Workflow Automation software from FTL Software, manual data input becomes an easy task that reduces human error and saves money by increasing employee productivity.

CBC Mortgage - Workflow Automation


The Problem:

CBC Mortgage had just gotten started and was using Excel spreadsheets and Google docs to track their loans as they moved from registration to being sold off to investors.

How FTL solved the problem:

FTL started small creating a database and web interface for managing loans. The simplicity of the system allowed them to start using it almost immediately. But within a few weeks FTL had added automatic tasks, email reminders and reporting. In an approach that was both rapid and iterative FTL built out a full loan management system.

Benefit to client:

CBC got exactly what they needed and avoided paying thousands of dollars for an off the shelf loan management system which lacked all of the features they needed. In the process they grew from a company employing six people doing a dozen loans a month to a company of over a hundred doing dozens of loans a day.

Rapid Development

Traditional software development can be a complicated and time-consuming process. It requires a lot of different resources, including developers, testers, project managers and more. Traditional software development can take months or even years to complete if you don’t have the right team in place. There are also situations when changes need to be made but it’s hard for developers to adapt quickly enough without affecting the end product negatively.

Rapid Application Development or RAD was created as an alternative software development approach that allows us to develop software quickly while still maintaining high quality standards and meeting our customer expectations. Our small team with cross-functional skillsets can work quickly to develop a set of custom software iterations using the RAD model. This way our entire team can stay focused on one goal which makes it easier for us to move fast and respond rapidly to change requests.  With this framework you can adapt your product on-the-fly without affecting the end result. This allows you to test ideas early before fully committing them into your roadmap or spending time building them out completely if they don’t work out as planned or are no longer relevant. 

Ask us more about how Rapid Development can work for your next project.

Stock Arbitrage Company - Rapid Development


The Problem:

A stock arbitrage company [name redacted for client’s privacy] needed to closely monitor the order book on a very small niche stock exchange that doesn’t offer any option for API access. The client was not sure if their automated trading concept would even work–they needed to see a daily chart of the order book first. They had a strong budget, but they needed a very quick minimum viable product that could help them decide if it was worth it to do a more expensive integration.

How FTL solved the problem:

Since the client had the budget for a very rapid solution, FTL was able to build a minimum viable test in less than a week (with timely feedback and interaction from the client CFO). The test automation was able to access their account through the web and watch and record the order book throughout the day in 2 minute snapshots and provide the data needed.

Benefit to client:

The client was able to fully analyze the arbitrage opportunity and decide it was worth pursuing at that time, and they were able to move forward with building a larger scale trading automation. Their arbitrage program ran profitably for about 60 days (which is very typical in their space).

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