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FTL Software does custom software development. Whatever your business needs we can build to suit. Our speciality is workflow automation, custom CRMs and anything your business needs to automate and track.

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Our Services

Workflow Automation

FTL Software does custom software development, whatever your business needs we can build. Our particular speciality is workflow automation, custom CRMs or really anything your business wants to keep track of.

Custom CRMS

There are plenty of customer relationship management tools out there, but with a custom CRM you get to force the software to do what you want rather than forcing your business to do what the software wants. Get exactly what you want, for cheaper than you might expect.

Business Software

There’s a whole universe of business software out there, so what makes ours different? First off, these days almost all software requires an ongoing subscription, not ours, pay once, own forever. Second it’s customized to be exactly what you need.

Rapid Development

We’ve been doing software in one form or another for decades and in that time we’ve built tools and frameworks that allow us to put your ideas together in days, not weeks or months.

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Our Coding in Action

Watch as we build an issue tracker in less than 30 seconds!

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