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FTL Software is a talented and skilled group of software developers located in Salt Lake City, Utah ready to assist local Salt Lake City business owners with custom software needs. We’ve been cranking out code since 1993. Since then we have continued to grow and hone our skills as we’ve adapted to the ever-changing needs of business in Salt Lake City. Our main focus is on custom software development. Whatever your Salt Lake City business needs we can build to suit. We specialize in workflow automation, custom CRMs and Rapid Application Development and providing solutions to anything your business needs to automate and track.

Custom CRM in Salt Lake City, UT

One size never fits all. When an off-the-shelf program just doesn’t cut it you need a custom Customer Relationship Manager that will get the job done. Custom CRMs are necessary when a company’s sales model is complex, or doesn’t neatly fit a typical B2B sales model. If this describes you, you need a custom CRM, and there’s no one better than FTL Software at developing a Custom CRM platform from the ground up. We take the time to get to know your business and the way YOU do business and build a custom CRM that can handle all of your unique needs. And as always, when all is said and done you OWN it.

Business Software in Salt Lake City, UT

Choosing the right software to power your business is a difficult task. Do you go with an off-the-shelf product or invest in custom development? At FTL Software, we have many years of experience helping businesses achieve their goals through our deep understanding and knowledge of their challenges coupled with our ability to write software to address those challenges. Companies that seek out custom solutions often see incredible value because they get exactly what they need for specific processes rather than settling on something “good enough.”

Workflow Automation in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City business owners are improving work processes with custom software workflow automation. Workflow Automation eliminates or reduces tedious and time-consuming manual data entry. What would your Salt Lake City employees do with their extra time if you implemented workflow automation? Or rather, how much more productive would your employees become when they can let the mundane work be completed with software automation.

With Workflow Automation software from FTL Software in Salt Lake City, manual data input becomes an easy task that reduces human error and saves money by increasing employee productivity.

Rapid Application Development in Salt Lake City, UT

Are you a business owner in Salt Lake City in need of customized business software but don’t have time to wait for time-consuming custom software development? Traditional software development can be both a  complicated and time-consuming process. It requires developers, testers, project managers and more to ensure the finished product meets the mark. Software development in Salt Lake City can take months or even years to complete if you don’t have the right team in place. 

Rapid Application Development is now available in Salt Lake City.  Frequently known as RAD, Rapid Application Development works as an alternative to  software development and allows us to develop software quickly while still maintaining high quality standards that meet or exceed customer expectations. Our small Salt Lake City Rapid Development team works quickly to develop custom software applications using the RAD model. 

Ask us more about how Rapid Application Development in Salt Lake City can work for your next project.

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5-Star Software Developers

Salt Lake City business owners trust FTL Software with their custom software needs. Everything from a simple tracking system to a complex and detailed workflow automation system, or a custom CRM, we have the knowledge and skills to deliver.  FTL Software has dozens of 5-star reviews and hundreds of happy customers who turn to FTL for professional software development in Salt Lake City.

Local Software Developers

If you are a local business looking for a custom software solution and don’t want to risk hiring a developer from another country or even another city, FTL Software is the solution you are looking for. We are local to Salt Lake City and work with dozens of local companies. We are different simply because we allow you to own the rights to your software once it’s been paid for.

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